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KatCab: NBA Rookie of the Year Campaign


As the 2015-16 NBA season came to a close, there was no doubt that the Timberwolves had struck gold with first overall draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns. KAT was on a hot streak, averaging a double-double with 18 and 10. In an effort to gain traction for KAT as a candidate for the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, the Timberwolves PR and digital team was tasked with developing a unique campaign to drive publicity for the team and rookie. My role was developing a custom site that would bring the selected campaign to life – KAT Cab, a parody of MTV’s show “Cash Cab”. I built an engaging digital fan experience hosting an array of stats, photos, testimonials, and video series.


Design process between 1-2 weeks, with development time lasting 2-3 weeks for a total of roughly a month. The site launched in late March, 2016.


Translation of campaign concept to web environment, development and design of custom landing page, look and feel, and interactive units for fans including a quiz and stats updating in real-time.

Results grabbed thousands of pageviews on it's launch date of March 20, 2016, with viewers spending an average of over 3 1/2 minutes engaging with the site.


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