Timberwolves 2018-19 Prince-Inspired Uniforms


In preparation of the highly anticipated Timberwolves 2018-19 Prince-Inspired City Edition Uniforms, I built a landing page to host everything from the unveil video, image gallery of the jerseys, to the customized ticket package built specifically to see the games the Wolves would wear these uniforms. This was one of the most fun projects I have worked on in my time at the Timberwolves, all in honor the Purple Legacy.


Design process lasted a few days, with development time lasting 1 week for a total of about a week and a half. The site had a hard-launch date of November 1, 2018.


The 'Purple' look and feel was created by our Graphic designers, which I used for the hero section and background/base color scheme. This was very unique and something different than the Timberwolves normal brand colors.


Timberwolves.com/purple garnered the 3rd highest trafficked single day in Timberwolves.com history. The hype behind the rumors of the Prince-Inspired uniforms created uch more buzz than we could have anticipated.


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