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Timberwolves 2018 New Sales Microsite


Each season (around February) the Timberwolves launch their 'New Sales' season, one of the largest campaigns of the year. In 2013 I designed and developed an all-new landing page to host the campaign deliverables, and in 2018 I did a complete overhaul and redesigned it from the bottom up with "The North Is Yours" campaign creative.


Design process lasted about a week, with development time lasting 1-2 weeks for a total of around 3 weeks. The site launched in early February, 2018.


Design and development of the landing page using creative elements designed by the Graphic Designers. Used the creative working files to create a powerful interactive hero section to greet the visitor upon page load.

Results captures thousands and thousands of pageviews each season and is arguably the most important campaign of the Wolves' season, enhancing their fan base and growing their Season Ticket Members.


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