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Timberwolves Cities Edition Fitbit Clock Face


In what has become a yearly tradition following the release of the NBA's City Edition Uniforms, the Timberwolves also rollout a custom Fitbit clock face branded with that season's newest look. In my last season with the Wolves, I had the fun privilege of leading the design and development of the Fitbit clock faces. I chose to make two, one of them digital and one of them analog and they are live in the Fitbit Clock Face Gallery for all Versa's and Ionics, take a look!


This was a very tight timeline, maybe about a week and a half total. What made this project uniquely challenging was working within Fitbit's developers console, learning a unique coding language as well as working within Fitbits Clock Face Gallery approval regulations.


Using what was available for the 'Cities Edition' creative branding (designed by our internal design team) I was tasked with designing the clock faces using whichever assets I saw fitting best into the clock face design.


The clock faces were highlighted across our digital channels (web, app, email, social) and have a permanent presence within our team app in the fan section. The highlight of this build was having Fitbit feature it in the "Staff Picks" for about 2 weeks which, needless to say, brought much more visibility and clock face downloads from fans.


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