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Game of Thrones - Direwolves Project


With the highly anticipated Game of Thrones series finale approaching, HBO and the Timberwolves partnered to tease Timberwolves and NBA fans with a fantastical takeover of the Timberwolves brand for a day. With a professionally redesigned logo and merch to follow suit, the Timberwolves became the Direwolves the day of April 9, 2019.


Working with HBO, design strategy began months ahead of launch to ensure proper hype could be delivered upon, with a mad dash in early April leading up to launch.


Concept and development of the landing page including layout design and custom interactive section to compare/contrast the Timberwolves & Direwolves logos as well as a slider of Timberwolves players sitting on the Throne.

Results captured 50k in pageviews on its launch date of April 9th, 2019. More impressively, all merch sold out within minutes with a viral shopping spree by Timberwolves and GOT fans alike.


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